Storm Clouds Winter Arrives
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Winter Cascades into Paradise Valley
November 21st, 2007
Our unseasonably warm weather disappeared overnight as a winter storm cascaded into Paradise valley. Almost a foot of fresh snow blanketed the site. Chances are good that we will not see the ground again until April. Rich moved the crew inside the house where they will install balustrades, tile GrateDex floors and finish the intricate coffered ceilings on the porticos. Just in case we get a warm spell, Rich covered the areas behind the garage and next to the greenhouse, with huge sheets of plastic so the ground will remain dry.

Blow, blow, thou winter wind
Thou art not so unkind,
As man's ingratitude.

William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616)
Storm Clouds
The morning sun breaks through the previous night's winter storm.
Atrium The greenhouse looks good in white! Driveway The southern half of the tiered gardens.
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Hunting Bob Wilson leads the way as we hunt for elusive elk in Tom Miner basin. November 23rd, 2007
Between the recent snow and the opening of hunting season work on the house has slowed to a crawl. Almost everyone is out looking for elk, deer or both. Rich introduced me to one of his old friends from Nevada, Bob Wilson, over Thanksgiving dinner. A few days later I rose before the sun and joined Bob for a hunting adventure in Tom Miner basin, about 20 miles down the valley. We hiked through fresh fallen snow in temperatures that were barely above zero degrees Fahrenheit searching for ever elusive elk. We saw several by days end but they were all on private land so we could not shoot them. We went home tired and empty handed. Rich fared much better. He killed a big whitetail deer buck down by the Yellowstone river.
Paradise Valley
Sublime, snow covered peaks rise from the valley floor.
Bob Wilson
Bob finds a pleasant spot where we can break for lunch in the high mountain forest.
November 30th, 2007
My Western Civilization I class was brilliantly taught by Professor Dede Taylor. We started with Neolithic walled towns in August, followed the rise of Mediterranean peoples in September and October, and in November we learned about the Roman Republic and later Empire. Along the way I not only absorbed fascinating details of ancient civilizations but also learned how to precisely calculate the circumference of the earth by measuring the angle of the suns rays at two different points.
Click on the underlined text to learn how the ancient Greeks determined the circumference of the earth almost 2,000 years before Columbus discovered the new world.

If you explore beneath shyness or party chit-chat, you can sometimes turn a dull exchange into an intriguing one. I've found this to be particularly true in the case of professors or intellectuals, who are full of fascinating information, but need encouragement before they'll divulge it.
Joyce Carol Oates (1938 - )
Professor Dede Taylor
Professor Dede Taylor skillfully taught Western Civilization I at MSU Bozeman for the fall, 2007 semester.
Western Civilization Class Almost 160 students were in my Western Civilization I class. Class conversations Many of us made new friends as we all learned from each other.
Denzil Ford Our TA, Denzil Ford, succinctly states the class attitude towards our professor, Dede Taylor. Sweet Sorrow Class is over for the semester;
parting is such sweet sorrow.
Master Bathroom
Kim focused his trim carpenter skills on the Master Bathroom between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
December 15th, 2007
The days between Thanksgiving and Christmas flew by as I studied for finals, wrote a paper for my American Studies class and then headed back to Connecticut to visit my Mom, my brother Tom, relatives and friends for Christmas. Meanwhile, work on the house progressed steadily. Kim finished the second floor bedroom and focused his skills on the Master Bathroom and first floor hallway. Joe caulked, sealed and made Kim's trim look perfect. Chuck and Shane tiled the floors on the north portico and balcony while Aaron and Justin added a columned porch and roof to the greenhouse.

At Christmas I no more desire a rose
Than wish a snow in May's new-fangled mirth;
But like of each thing that in season grows.

William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616), Love's Labour Lost
Greenhouse Porch Still surrounded by snow, the greenhouse sports the beginnings of a new porch and roof. Home I bid my home adieu and head back to Connecticut for Christmas.
My first real home away from home was a small and cozy log cabin that I built by hand on the border of the Supply Ponds Park in Branford, Connecticut. It was secluded; over a mile in the forest and connected to the paved road by just a narrow footpath. I dug a spring for water and carried in everything else I needed. I heated and cooked with wood and listened to a battery powered shortwave radio that connected me to the world.
As I child I was an avid reader of Thornton W. Burgess and his nature stories. His friends were now mine; blue jays, crows, foxes, raccoons, land turtles, rabbits and so many more of his characters were my neighbors. I lived in my log cabin through college and for a few years after. Sadly, some of the tough youths of town disliked my cabin in the woods and set it on fire one night before I came home. It burned to the ground and I reluctantly moved to a "modern" apartment in the center of town.
Cabin Site
I lived in a log cabin that used to be here. All that remains is part of the foundation.
Olin Library Olin Library on the campus of my alma mater, Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. Administration The Wesleyan University administration building.
Victorian House A Victorian style house on the waterfront in Branford, Connecticut. Brockett Family Home The warm and pleasant home in Branford that I grew up in with my five brothers, mom and dad.
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