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The Artists Arrive
April 13th, 2007
My birthday and the day we begin in earnest to give our house a personality; a reflection of human character, ideas of what constitutes beauty and my hopes for the future.
The main structure; studs, joists and trusses now hold walls, floors and a roof. The plumbers, electricians and HVAC craftsmen completed the infrastructure last month. Rich and his crew then painted the walls. Now the house stands like a freshly cut Christmas tree in the living room; pretty on its own, but lacking perfect beauty, which can only come from God via the inspired hands of artists.
Hardwood Planks
Hardwood planking for the wood floors is carefully unloaded.
Slash Piles
Many of the trees killed by last years forest fire were sent to the mill and will help to build new homes. The branches and scraps are burned in early spring while the forest fire danger is low.
Life springs anew from the fire ravaged landscape.
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Narcissus and Echo adorn the basement shower and bath.

Visit the Aristophanes Tile Mural web site at www.amurals.com to see many other beautiful tile murals at very reasonable prices.
Narcissus, the boy who loved looking at his reflection in the water and Echo, the girl who loved the sound of her own voice, form a tile mural that adorns the basement shower and bath. The original painting was created by an English artist, John William Waterhouse, in 1903. He based his creation on the legend of Narcissus and Echo from ancient Greece. Punished by a goddess for her constant chatter, Echo was confined to repeating the words of others. Enamored of Narcissus, the son of the river god Cephisus and the nymph Liriope, she tried to win his love using fragments of his own speech but he spurned her attentions. Passing by a stream, the beautiful youth caught a glimpse of his reflection and was transfixed by the lovely image. Believing it to be the form of a nymph, he vainly courted the watery mirage and wasted away through unrequited love. He was then transformed into the flower that bears his name. Echo pined away until nothing but her voice remained.
orange grid
An orange plastic grid is laid over the wood sub floor in preparation for decorative floor tiles.
Tile Diamond Pattern
Diamond pattern tiles with alternating colors and a white border are meticulously cut and carefully cemented in place.
Bill Taylor and his crew, Dustin and Alex, at Taylor Tile painstakingly cut, cemented and grouted the tile floors, bathroom walls and shower murals. The diamond design with a border was an especially difficult and time consuming pattern. The entire pattern had to be carefully centered in the room, closet or hallway before the first tile was laid. Many tiles required precision cuts to properly fill the spaces along the square tile borders. Closet tiles were carefully aligned with the room tiles so the pattern flowed perfectly. A grout color was chosen to compliment all the tile colors but not clash with any. Once completed the tile floors seem to carry you along like a flowing stream gently sweeps a fisherman's boat down river. Basement Tile
The basement bath tile floor.

Visit Bill Taylor's Neptune Brewery at 119 North Street in Livingston, Montana to purchase his micro-brewery beer made from a Renaissance recipe and fit for the god of the sea, Neptune.
Or call him at (406)222-7837.
Wood floor planks sit in the nursery awaiting an artist's inspiration.
Ground Clouds
A cold rain hits the sun warmed ground. Tiny clouds are formed and roll up the fire blackened slopes.
Window Jamb
Rich, Kim and Chuck hand built every window jamb and stool.
Rich Spallone of R and B Builders intuitively understands all aspects of building a house. Trim carpentry is what he enjoys most though but in his own words "does not see much of in Montana". This house is a little different than most and Rich and his crew are putting their trim carpentry skills to the test. Rich thoughtfully designed the MDF jambs and stools for every window including the curved top Palladian panes. Rich, Chuck and Kim artfully bull nosed the stool edges and perfectly caulked every piece and nail hole. At the end of the day the jambs, stool and window looked like they grew in place as a single unit.

Email Rich Spallone of R & B Builders at RichSpallone@aol.com
or call him at (406)223-0215
Tile Mural
Another tile mural awaits installation in the ground floor bathroom.
Greek Ionic column shafts are expertly finished by Joe Fay in the garage painting studio.

Visit Joe Fay's art web site by clicking on the underlined text.
Last September, my neighbor Everett Johnston graciously offered his mountain cabin for my use until my new home was completed. Rich Spallone and his crew carefully constructed Everett's warm and cozy cabin just about a year before the devastating Big Creek forest fire roared through. This spring the black ground turned to green and was carpeted with thick, tall grass and a profusion of beautiful wild flowers. The Mule Deer graze here in the evenings. Occasionally a white wolf or a black bear will frequent the neighborhood. If you would like to purchase this beautiful high mountain home e-mail Les Mathson or call him at (406)223-5698. Or visit his web site at www.thelandbrokers.net. Kitchen
I cooked many warm and delicious meals in Everett's spacious and well equipped kitchen.
Living Room
A rustically adorned living room is a wonderful place to read, listen to music or watch television.
Log Bed
This comfortable log bed was handmade by Rich Spallone many years ago.
April 21st, 2007
The snows were light this year and melted early. Our mud season is over and now is the time for landscaping.
The front yard is large; about 300 by 300 feet. I imagined that a few symmetrical walkways surrounded by gardens would make a beautiful and relaxing park like setting. So with the same type of basic tools Thomas Jefferson used when designing his yard at Monticello, I surveyed my front yard. I also used the trigonometry of the ancient Greek mathematician, Pythagoras, and accurately marked out several walking paths.
front yard
Pink strings mark future walkways in the front yard.
Lights, plumbing fixtures and other goods for the house compete with my Jeep for space in the garage.
A massive chimney rises from the tile roof.
Wood Floor
Hardwood floors are precisely pieced together.
e-mail Neil or call him at (406)222-6343.
Neil Akerstrom, of Akerstrom & Son Hardwood Floors, and I walked through the house a few weeks ago. I pointed out the rooms where I wanted wood floors and marked them on a blueprint. I explained to Neil, like I try to with everyone, that the land and my previous house were consumed by the ferocious forest fire. A lifeless lunar landscape was left behind. I wanted to build something beautiful; as beautiful as the forest once was before every tree was burned to death and I almost lost my life as well. If we can, I asked, I want to build something that is even more beautiful than all that was destroyed. Neil listened attentively and promised to design something that would help achieve my goal.
Ash and black walnut borders frame red oak planks.
Beautiful hardwood diamonds grace the dining and living room floors.
Now that our high mountain dirt road is dry, building supplies are delivered almost daily. The new looped driveway easily accommodates 40 foot trailers and 18 wheelers. Bob's Pickup and Delivery frequently stops by. Josh often stops by with his 88 thousand pound side dump gravel truck. Norm paid a visit with his grader while he was working on the Glastonbury roads. Our buddy from Forty-eight Freight drove his rig from Oklahoma to Georgia, picked up a 36 foot load of marble balusters and trim for us, and then headed directly to Montana. The folks from Simkins-Hallin lumber stop by twice a week too. Bobs Pickup
Bob's Pickup and Delivery goes everywhere in Montana.

Visit the Bob's Pickup and Delivery web site by clicking on the underlined text.
Forty-eight Freight drove from Oklahoma to Georgia to Emigrant, Montana.
Simkins-Hallin frequently drops off building supplies and never charges us freight.
The front yard walkways grow from a single pink string to a symmetrical series of gravel paths.
Parting shots...April 27th, 2007

Can the hand of an artist, inspired by God, create something more beautiful than 20 acres of lush green meadows and Douglas Fir forest? When we are done, will people look at our work and feel pleasure or inspiration? Will our children and grandchildren look with pride at what we accomplished? Will visitors say that we helped to heal a wounded landscape or will they accuse us of further scarring the land? Only time will provide definitive answers. For now, I must follow the course that I believe is best and build a new home and a new life upon the ashes of an old one.
Dining Room Diamond
Neil created an intricate hardwood diamond for the dining room floor.
Garage Chimney
The garage sports a new marble clad chimney.
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