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Montana's Big Sky
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Big Sky Photos from Montana

A new day begins
A new day begins in Montana

Montana's nickname is "Big Sky Country". The view from my home and Branford Bike in Emigrant is expansive, sublime and often breathtaking. The horizons are bigger here and lend credence to the thought that all things are possible. No dream is too large for this landscape.

Most of the photos on this page were shot from my deck and yard. I hope they give you a sense of how lucky I feel to live in such a beautiful state.

September sunrise
September Sun Rise
Mule Deer
Moonrise over the Absaroka mountains
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Venus Rises
Venus rises before the Sun
over Emigrant Peak
Thunder Storm
A summer storm baths Emigrant
Peak with a shower of golden light
Paradise Valley Sunset
Winter sunset over Paradise Valley

Montana's high mountain sky provides an ever changing panorama of color and light. The air is thin and dry; thus the sun light is brighter and cleaner. Shadows are more distinct and colors appear brighter. Clouds appear lower and sometimes are below my home in the mountains. Bitter cold weather with sub zero temperatures makes the air appear like it is full of ice crystals or tiny diamonds. The view is always captivating and often spectacular. Several times a day I must stop what I am doing and watch the always changing interplay of light and color that sweeps across Paradise Valley.

Explosive Beauty
Explosive Beauty
Firery Brillance
The sky burns with fiery brilliance
Grand Beauty
A grand sunset
Pink Clouds
Relaxing pink clouds
over Emigrant Peak

Montana sunsets can leave you breathless or soothe the turmoil in your soul.

Spring Shower
April Showers bring May flowers
Touch me
Clouds so close you can almost touch them
20 below zero
20 below zero Fahrenheit and
clouds blanket the valley below

Even in the sub-zero cold of winter Montana's big sky puts on a wonderful show. One February morning we opened the shop early and discovered that Paradise Valley was engulfed by winter clouds. From our lofty perch at 6,150 feet we saw the top half of Emigrant Peak poking almost 11,000 feet into the thin, cold air. Higher still another bank of clouds did its best to block the sun from warming the valley below.

This photo was taken from the warm confines of my home through the double pane glass doors.

October Moon
An October full moon at sunset
Sunset's afterglow in Yellowstone park
October Snow
Golden snow on Emigrant Peak
catches the last rays of a setting sun
Fall Snow
An October snow storm
moves down Paradise valley
Bunsen Peak
Sunset over Bunsen Peak in Yellowstone Park
September sunset
September sunset and moonrise
over Emigrant Peak
Mt Washburn
Standing on top of the world on Mount Washburn in
Yellowstone National Park on a Sunday afternoon in September

Yellowstone National Park is only 25 miles from my home in Emigrant. Like Montana, it is incredibly beautiful, full of animals, home to hot springs and geysers and waiting for you to visit. Even if you only stay for a weekend you will leave a changed person. Your troubles will diminish and your soul will be soothed. Montana's grand beauty will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. Stay a little longer and you may find yourself feeling like me; on top of the world, grateful to God and in awe of the ever changing beauty that surrounds me every day.

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