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Branford Bike History

brought to you by the former owner of Branford Bike,
Tim Brockett via his personal web site, TimsLife.Com

An archival edition of the Branford Bike web site from 2005 is now available. Click on the Branford Bike Catalog link at the bottom of this page to jump back to 2005. It is complete with product photos, prices, how to articles and technical specifications. We guarantee it to be a treasure trove of accurate, detailed and historical information. Most of the products are no longer available but if you see something you would like, please contact the new owner of Branford Bike, Rodd Wagner via info@branfordbike.com.

We would also like to post personal memories from customer's, PDF versions of our printed catalogs and photos from the many USCF and college teams and races we supported. Unfortunately the Big Creek forest fire consumed our archives.If you have fond memories, catalogs or photos and would like to share them with us, please send them to:

Tim Brockett
Branford Bike Archive Project
PO Box 1711
Emigrant, MT 59027

Historical Summary

Branford Bike was created in June 1976 by Tim Brockett in the basement of his parent's house. With just $10.00 in his pocket and a toolbox by his side he concentrated on bike repairs for the first year. Tim gradually changed his business focus to high end road bikes, accessories and Campagnolo components. Throughout the 1980's and 1990's Branford Bike published a mail order catalog that reached customers in all corners of the globe including Antarctica. In the early stages of the Internet revolution, Eric Norris of CampyOnly.Com and Tim recognized that the web was a perfect place to sell road bike components. Building a web site entirely from scratch, Eric and Tim launched Branford Bike on the Internet in February of 1998. Concurrently, Tim closed his large retail store in the center of Branford and moved the web operation back into the 'low overhead' basement of his parent's house. Web sales grew exponentially while expenses decreased dramatically. In July of 2005, Tim moved his life and business to the high mountains of Emigrant, Montana. Branford Bike and Tim flourished in the pristine and sublime environment. Tragically, in July of 2006, a ferocious forest fire blasted through the high hills of Emigrant. Tim's house, shop and warehouse were completely incinerated. Barely escaping from the deadly fire storm, Tim decided to focus on rebuilding his home and life.

The current ownership purchased Branford Bike and moved the company to Seattle in November of 2006. The web site was re-opened for business in February of 2007, and the retail showroom was opened for business full time in July of 2008 in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood. Branford Bike still focuses on high end road bikes, accessories, Campagnolo equipment and customer service. As an authorized Campagnolo Pro-Shop, we can help you with warranty issues, in addition to complete bike builds, ergo rebuilds and tune ups. Our new, updated web site was launched in November 2008, Our goal is to provide the same Campagnolo parts and helpful tips in an easy to use format. Please send your comments and/or suggestions to Info@BranfordBike.Com

E-mail Tim at timbrockett@gmail.com

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